Give Blood

The best gift is the gift of life

We never know when we could need to have blood.

The blood bank needs to keep all blood groups and types in order to maintain the stock. That’s why we need to encourage people to give blood!

Sickle cell sufferers’ blood cells don’t last as long as ordinary blood.

It is very common for patients with haemoglobin disorders to need regular blood transfusions to stay alive.

Blood parts like plasma, platelets and red cells etc are used to treat many different illnesses and conditions:

  • Red blood cells can be stored up to 35 days
  • Platelets can be stored for up to 7 days
  • Plasma can be stored for up to 3 days

We need more donors from the Black, Asian, Mediterranean and other minority ethnic communities.

A rare blood type is any blood type that is difficult to find in the population where the blood is needed.

People benefit from blood donations from donors from similar ethnic backgrounds. Receiving blood transfusions over long periods can increase the presence of antibodies, making it harder to find a match.

Please help find closer matches for those suffering with haemoglobin disorders.

Please give blood !!

Sickle cell trait carriers can give blood, and donate organs and tissues.

You will not suffer any harm if you give blood as a sickle trait carrier.  Your medical history is more relevant in deciding whether you are eligible to donate blood then having sickle cell trait.  One of the reasons a blood bank wouldn’t be able to use your blood is if they don’t have the facilities to filter it.

Please talk to your blood donation centre.  Clink on the link on the homepage to find out more.

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