Speaking with Medical Staff

Please do not shout at medical staff.

  • If they don’t understand anything about sickle cell, shouting makes it harder for them to think therefore leading to you not getting the help you need.
  • It is difficult to communicate clearly with the fear for your life and Crisis sets in.
  • Try not to panic as this makes a crisis worse.
  • Explain you have a blood condition that affect your haemoglobin use keywords like
  1. Vacular occlusion
  2. haemoglobin
  3. sequestration – a potentially life-threatening condition of the spleen and liver.
  4. Acute chest syndrome- infection of the lungs and asthma in sickle cell disease patients.
  5. Aplastic- the inability of stem cells to produce mature blood cells.
  6. Infarction- the obstruction of the blood supply causing necrosis (death of tissue)
  • Inform the staff you are under a specialist, know the name of your specialist and contact number this saves time, helps them understand how you present to them.
  • Inform them of or have a list of your medication.
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