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We work with a team of volunteers. Volunteers play an important role with

Sickle Cell Suffolk helping to fulfil our mission. Full training and support is offered.

If you would like to volunteer with us, complete our online form HERE and a member

of our team will be in touch.

Sickle Cell Suffolk volunteers
Sickle Cell Suffolk market stall

Nekesha, Ipswich

Volunteering for Sickle Cell Suffolk has been a great experience for me. I have learnt more about Sickle Cell, how to support people with this condition and the challenges they and their family and friends face.


I am increasingly aware of the lack of awareness in the general community and society at large about Sickle Cell, which needs urgent attention in a sickle cell crisis, as it does for someone having a stroke or heart attack.


Another issue in particular, is the low level of African and Caribbean people who donate blood in general. For this ethnic group it is even more important because there is a greater chance for matching blood type and less chance of harm or death for the person with Sickle Cell receiving and depending on multiple blood transfusions. 


I have been able to challenge myself by approaching strangers when we attend a variety of events to promote awareness of Sickle Cell disease and encourage blood donation.


The organisers of Sickle Cell Suffolk deserve a lot of praise for their hard work and professionalism in what they do.


I hope they get a swift increase in the amount of attention and support they need to increase awareness and blood donation for this worthy cause.

Testimonies of volunteers

Sickle Cell Suffolk volunteer

Jennifer, Ipswich

I became a volunteer with Sickle Cell Suffolk, when they began their campaign 'Our Blood Saves Lives' in March 2023.


I have family members with sickle cell and a close friend. I know how difficult this condition can be to manage, the frequent health appointments, the lack of awareness from our community and health professionals, and the need for blood donors from our community. 


I am involved in community outreach work, and help at events to promote awareness of sickle cell and the need for blood donations.


At community events we have a sickle cell display table and talk to community members. I am placed on a rota to help to staff a stall. I help to set up the table, hand out leaflets sharing the importance of blood donation and encourage event attendees to register to donate blood. I’ve attended different churches and also a fashion show, where I also spoke to the audience about sickle cell and blood donation.


I also distribute ‘Our blood save lives’ leaflets and posters to local shops and businesses.

I have discussions with friends and family, encouraging them to sign up to give blood and to consider becoming a volunteer.


All volunteers are provided with training and support, also promotional clothing.

Sickle Cell Suffolk volunteer

Liberty, Ipswich

Sickle Cell Suffolk fun night

End of year fun night, attended by some of our volunteers

Dec, 2023

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