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Our Blood Saves Lives

On 5th April 2023, it was announced that ‘Grassroots group SICKLE CELL SUFFOLK are to get a share of Government funding to deliver projects encouraging more Black people to become blood, organ, or stem cell donors’ Media Release

Sickle Cell Suffolk made a successful bid and were one of 50 groups to receive a share of government funding to community, faith, or belief organisations to deliver projects that encourage more Black and Asian people to become donors. It was part of the Government’s commitment under The Community Grants Programme, managed by NHS Blood and Transplant, to continue to tackle health inequalities and promote organ, blood, and stem cell donation among Black and Asian communities.


Sickle Cell Suffolk’s campaign, ‘Our Blood Saves Lives’ was to help to address the shortage of donors from the African and Caribbean communities, which often means patients from these communities can have worse outcomes. People from the same ethnic background are more likely to be a match.


“We are very pleased to receive this funding. We have been arranging group donations in Ipswich for the Black community since 2020, so it’s great that we can do so much more with funding. We can reach far more people. I myself have sickle cell, and blood donations have made a difference to my life. But in 2021, I needed a major blood transfusion when I became seriously ill, so blood donation saved my life. I don’t think the NHS do enough to reach my community, so it’s great that they recognise that community groups can reach their own communities better.” Elaine Tappin - Coordinator Sickle Cell Suffolk


Health Minister Neil O’Brien (2023) said: “It is important everyone has the best chance of receiving a potentially life-saving blood, organ or stem cell donation, regardless of their ethnic background and these organisations are helping to make a real difference. We’re investing to encourage and increase education about donation among black and Asian communities. Thank you to all these grassroots organisations for bringing communities together to transform the lives of thousands of people.”

The campaign team engages in a range of outreach activities to reach the community. Events and venues we attend include, black led churches, community centres, black women’s & men’s groups, Windrush celebrations, health & wellbeing events, dominoes tournaments, theatre and black history month events. 

Some of our Campaign Activities

Campaign launch

Sickle Cell Suffolk campaign launch

Some of our guests at the launch

Sickle Cell Suffolk event

The Ark Church

Windrush, Murrayside

Sickle Cell Suffolk market stall
Sickle Cell Suffolk market stall

Windrush, Cornhill

Murrayside, Men's group

Sickle Cell Suffolk event
Sickle Cell Suffolk event

Black History Month - African & Caribbean market stall

Wellbeing Suffolk - cultural celebrations special 

Sickle Cell Suffolk stall
Sickle Cell Suffolk event

Ipswich International Church

Ipswich Seventh Day Adventist Church

Sickle Cell Suffolk event
Sickle Cell Suffolk event

Bibleway Churches - youth congress

Dominoes tornament

Sickle Cell Suffolk event
Sickle Cell Suffolk event

The Phoebe Centre

Prostate cancer awareness talk with Errol McKellar

Sickle Cell Suffolk event
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